Francesca Cini, known as Tekla, is an Italian pop singer songwriter from Bologna. “I’ve started talking about music when you’re considered a loser if you talk about it, I was 12”.



From greek language, Tekla means “holy light”. Tekla discovered music when she was twelve, her hand was hold tight by her brother, which already knew, somehow, that there was something special in her eyes. Francesca started listening to different kinds of music, from Amy Winehouse to Nina Simone, Billy Holiday and a bunch of historical Italian singer-songwriters. 

During this time of her life she was gathering informations, music, words, sensations. When something bad happened in her life she exploded, expressing her pain through lyrics. 

One of the first artist that strongly influenced Tekla was Irene Robbins, an american jazz singer, that made her discover gospel and soul music, which made a breach into her heart. 

Once her adventure at The Voice Of Italy ended she started walking on her own legs, never stopping since 2015. Tekla then signed a deal with Fonoprint, an Italian record label, but it didn’t last long due to artistic incompatibility. 

Tekla is with SONO Music Group, her new family, that will welcome her warmly while starting to work to her new EP. 


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