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Alessandra Arcangeli, known professionally as Hallyx, is a singer-songwriter and actress hailing from Rome. Her heritage is a mix of Italian and Cuban, and she spent a year residing in the United States. Hallyx’s music is shaped by her background in theater, and she crafts intimate monologues that are transformed into soulful songs. When performing, she places a strong emphasis on storytelling and conveying emotions that resonate with her audience.






Alessandra Arcangeli, bearing the artist name Hallyx, is an Italian-Cuban-based talent in singing, songwriting, and acting arts. Her journey in the arts was formalized when she graduated from the Dramatic Arts Academy “Silvio d’Amico” in Rome. From here, she set out to pour into a multifaceted career that saw her easily toss between music and drama.

From a very young age, Hallyx had always been woven into an experience rich in culture. With repeated movements marking her childhood, some of the summers that she best remembers were those spent with her grandparents in Cuba. These early experiences certainly allowed a deep-rooted appreciation of her Italian and Cuban heritage, and many times it did instill in her the soul of a traveler. A year of transformation in the United States at seventeen, where she unlocked her love for songwriting, and somehow that has steered her professional path.

Hallyx describes herself as a traveler not just in the literal sense but also philosophically. She doesn’t consider herself from any one place, and that is the subject that runs throughout her music and artistic philosophy. Her works stand as testimonies to her belief in stories’ power to connect people across languages and cultures.

This is exhibited clearly in her versatility as an artist through different areas such as theatre, music, and the big screen, among others, to develop a medium in which she best expresses her stories. But beyond the chance for artistic expression, in the end, she wants to tell stories that would reach people at a level that is very deep, bridging gaps with the universal language of art. Today, Hallyx remains devoted to both her music and acting careers as she forges a path for the singer-songwriter and actress she is. Hallyx embodies in its complex identity the varied talents that come together to inspire in the personality of an artiste.


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