LARS is a UK based NZ singer-songwriter who is blasting the world with his powerful songs from the heart! He writes songs with a meaning that touch deep into the soul to make us feel deeply and overcome blocks that are holding us back in life. Buckle up, TOGETHER WE FLY.






Introducing LARS, a performer, songwriter, and singer who is redefining the music scene with his unique message. He aims to inspire people to find true happiness, discover their true selves, and take control of their lives by exploring their minds, hearts so they can feel and realign with what is most important, themselves. He believes that we are all beings of choice at our core and he hopes to transmit this on a deep level through his art, coming back to the wisdom of nature and the wisdom hidden inside our bodies.

LARS’ music stands out from the crowd by offering deep lessons, gifts, and insights that break away from the distress and feeling of being trapped in modern life. Unlike many artists who write about the struggles and hardships of existence, LARS offers solutions to the common issues that we all face at times, from self-hate to lack of confidence, motivation, drive, and vision.
Drawing inspiration from a range of genres including acoustic, pop, rock, and folk, LARS is constantly experimenting with new sounds and styles to bring his message deeper into our bodies. He plans to incorporate world instruments, orchestral elements, and electronica in the future as he expands his musical horizons.

Whether you catch him playing solo acoustic or with a band one thing is for certain, you will FEEL.


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