Salads SONO Music
Salads is an artist, producer, engineer, and performer. Mixing old early 2000s Pop Punk inspirations like Sum 41, and Green Day – but with a taste of polished modernness\’.






Patty – stage name “Salads” or as known as PattySalads, combines pop, punk, rap, and alternative music in a genre-bending way that pays homage to his pop-punk beginnings combined with aspirations from music he listened to growing up in Bangkok, Thailand.
His use of personal lyrics tells relatable stories about love, loss, addiction, and recovery. While he combines different production sounds and genres from his inspirations. 
 He then was forced to move to the outskirts of London and stay in a Christian boarding school throughout his primary and most of his secondary years, then later moved back to Thailand where he dropped out one year before graduation – in that time he took a film course in Fullerton, California for 6 months then later moved to Epsom, London.

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