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Amberscent – The Wound

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Amberscent - The Wound - SONO Music



“The Wound” was born from a very deep feeling I had in a specific moment while I was composing it. This feeling made me change it completely: it was mainly electronic at first, and without voice and the orchestra. That feeling was about a strange perception of “memory”: I started to sing the first lines and then I realized I was singing about one of the darkest and painful moment of my life, that sometimes I don’t even remember clearly. I’ve sang about this moment a lot, but this time I was different. So I kept digging into that and I found out I was writing about a healing process that actually had already ended and that made me writing about it in a more conscious way than the previous times. The soundtrack was born in December 2022, and the cold helped me a lot to go deep into my emotions to find what was the warmth I was trying to recall when my hands were on the piano. I would say this is one of the very flames in an Album that is going to be wintry for the most, but I wanted to start showing how I could bear this cold, and how I eventually found a way to perceive the smallest temperature changes. And this is of course a metaphor.



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Amberscent – The Wound Lyrics


The Wound I keep forgetting things You\’ve never said. I fear for what I don\’t miss And for things I won\’t repair. I keep noticing I\’ve tried, And all the dares I took for me… I took for you. I can\’t forget things that You would have never said. I might have been bleeding From a wound that I\’ve Never really had. I just kept saying it in the end, Hoping for an end. The fact is that you look at the edge, And your chest is always full of prayers. And the stars are still surrounded by All that you\’ve already put behind. And that is how I want to heal From what they say it is not even real. And that is how I want to fight For what I\’ve always left behind. Even if that means I won\’t get back in time.