HIGHWAYVES - PLASTIC Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Feel the Emotional Intensity of HIGHWAYVES’ New Single ‘Plastic’

An Urgent and Passionate Track That Will Break Your Heart and Leave You Feeling Empowered

DOUGLAS, Isle Of Man

Release Date: 2023-03-10
Check out PLASTIC here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/highwayves/plastic

The Isle of Man based collective HIGHWAYVES have just released their second single, ‘Plastic’, and it’s nothing short of a sonic assault. The track is a powerful exploration of the emotional impact of losing a connection with a friend and watching them transform into someone unrecognisable.

HIGHWAYVES - PLASTIC Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

With crashing drums and distorted guitars, the track oozes intensity from the first beat. Vocalist, Brad Meechan, is at his most candid as he croons about the pain of watching a friend turn away from him, “My friend is plastic, I can’t connect with who she is now”. The song builds to a crescendo of raw emotion as it reaches its climax, reflecting the rollercoaster of emotions felt in moments of deep loss.

‘Plastic’ is an urgent, passionate and honest track that proves HIGHWAYVES are a force to be reckoned with. They have crafted a sound that combines the dark aggression of grunge with dreamlike washes reminiscent of shoe-gaze. With each piece punctuated by intimate, poetic lyrics, HIGHWAYVES create a deep connection with their audience that is as personal as it is universal.

‘Plastic’ is a song that will break your heart, but leave you feeling empowered and ready to move on. HIGHWAYVES have proven with this single that they are a powerful and unique collective that are sure to leave their mark on the music industry.