Katie Hughes - Eight Paintings for Piano Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Katie Hughes Releases Captivating Debut Album, Eight Paintings for Piano

A Vivid, Emotionally-Charged Landscape of Music to Reflect and Contemplate

Scottsdale, United States

Release Date: 2022-10-01
Check out Eight Paintings for Piano here: YouTube Playlist

Katie Hughes, from Scottsdale, United States, has released her debut album, Eight Paintings for Piano, a captivating collection of eight compositions that correlate with eight paintings by co-writer Jim Klein. Each composition depicts a different mood or story, from the melancholy of “The Blue Diamond” to the joyous “Breaking Waves”. Hughes has been collaborating with co-writer Ian Jamison since 2018, and their work has been performed by a variety of musicians, including concert pianist Adam Zukiewicz and The Colorado Piano Trio, who premiered Hughes and Jamison’s “SummerTime” and other American standards for piano trio at UNC Greeley in August 2022.

Katie Hughes - Eight Paintings for Piano Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

The album is comprised of four of their original compositions—“Piano Sonata (The Abyss)”, “Breaking Waves”, “Ah” and “The Flood”—and four of their arrangements, including “SummerTime” and “The Blue Diamond”. Hughes and Jamison’s piece for choir and orchestra, “Summation”, will be performed in Boulder and in Greeley, Colorado, in October 2023.

Eight Paintings for Piano is a beautiful and thought-provoking album that captures the soul of its composers. Through the music, Hughes and Jamison have created a vivid, emotionally-charged landscape that transports listeners to a place of contemplation and reflection. The album is a must-listen for all music lovers.