Richard Green Collaborates with Irene Veneziano and Archimia Strings Quartet on New EP “The Circle Closes”

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Renowned composer Richard Green has teamed up with acclaimed pianist Irene Veneziano and the distinguished Archimia Strings Quartet for his highly anticipated new EP, “The Circle Closes.” This project, recorded at Studio Elfo near Milan, showcases an original composition style influenced by Ludovico Einaudi, Giovanni Allevi, and even The Beatles, particularly in terms of arrangements and harmonies.

Richard Green met Irene Veneziano via Facebook during the quarantine period, and their collaboration began with a pop project. Their synergy led to the creation of “The Circle Closes,” featuring the exceptional talents of the Archimia Strings Quartet, known for supporting prominent Italian songwriter Elisa on tour.

While Green’s compositions stand out for their originality, he acknowledges the influence of composers like Ludovico Einaudi and Giovanni Allevi. The Beatles have also left their mark, particularly in the areas of arrangements and harmonies.

Although Richard Green himself has not performed at notable gigs or festivals, Irene Veneziano has graced some of the world’s most prestigious stages, including La Scala in Milan. Her performances are a testament to the caliber of this collaboration.

“The Circle Closes” is part of a musical trilogy, with each EP comprising five tracks that together tell a compelling story. The third track, “A Legacy,” is particularly poignant, representing a farewell to the world and the hope of leaving behind a legacy full of love. The entire EP reflects a deep narrative, fully understood only by experiencing the complete trilogy.

The EP was meticulously recorded at Studio Elfo, a significant music studio near Milan. The involvement of skilled musicians and sound engineers has elevated the quality of the production to new heights.

Curators have been impressed by the originality and artistic values of “The Circle Closes.” Irene Veneziano’s exceptional talent is highlighted by her impressive record, having won around 30 national and international piano competitions and being a semifinalist in the prestigious 16th International Piano Competition F. Chopin in Warsaw in 2010.

“Irene Veneziano’s exceptional performance has significantly raised the quality of this music production,” says Richard Green. Her contribution to this project is a testament to her skill and dedication, adding an invaluable layer of depth and emotion to the compositions.

“The Circle Closes” is more than an EP; it is a journey through intricate melodies and profound narratives, a perfect blend of classical and contemporary influences that promises to leave a lasting impact on its listeners.

Explore more about Richard Green, Irene Veneziano, and the Archimia Strings Quartet through their official channels and social media profiles. Don’t miss the chance to experience “The Circle Closes,” a masterpiece in modern classical music.

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