The Cookie Jar Complot Releases New Single “Beaver Deceiver”

Luxembourg-based Instrumental Post-Mathrock Band Showcases Signature Sound in Latest Track

Check out Beaver Deceiver here

Luxembourg-based instrumental post to mathrock band, The Cookie Jar Complot, is set to release their latest single, “Beaver Deceiver,” which marks a fresh start for the band. Listeners can expect to be taken on an auditory journey from serene introspection to explosive choruses that beg to be sung along to, all while being driven by intricate guitar riffs, a driving bassline, and grooving drum beats.

Creatures on Mars, Vantage Bar, Photo : Caroline Martin ©

Composed of the songwriting duo Sven Schmeler and Gilles Glesener, The Cookie Jar Complot draws from a rich palette of influences and has looked to other Luxembourgish acts to find their musical voices. The band has enlisted Philipp Colling on bass and Miko Buraczyk on guitar for live performances.

The upcoming EP, “Lobster Knife Fight,” set to release in 2023, is highly anticipated by fans of the band, who are eager to see how The Cookie Jar Complot will evolve their unique sound. Whether you’re a young listener or an older fan, “Beaver Deceiver” is a track that promises to please all ages and will leave you eagerly anticipating the band’s upcoming EP.