Rilla Force - Cherish Artwork SONO Music Group

SONO announces CHERISH the new single by Rilla Force & Cadeem LaMarr

Rilla Force brings us feelings of joy and compassion with his new single CHERISH. The newest editions to Rilla’s catalog brings a sense of humility and warmth.

Between Rilla’s lush vocal melodies, Cadeem’s spitfire flows and bouncy instrumentation this record will definitely shake things up for new listeners and be a pleasant surprise for their returning audiences.

Listen to / Pre-Save ‘ CHERISH ’ here: https://go.sono.to/cherish

Rilla Force has been on an identity rollercoaster within his career over the last few years. Maintaining Dj performances, working in the studio producing & engineering records, while still finding the energy to create original music has been no simple feat, and yet this is who Rilla is on a day to day basis.

Being the jack of all trades that he is, there still has been issues defining who Rilla Force is and how to explain what he does. That is what inspiration was to add “vocalist” to his the many weapons in this creative’s arsenal. Coming fresh off his newest EP “WLRD PREMIERE” Rilla Force gives us “CHERISH (featuring Cadeem LaMarr)” a high energy fun record based on savoring life’s best moments and living them to its fullest.

Rilla Force commented: “My main goal for this record and work to come is for people to enjoy the moment and be yourself. Most of my new work speaks on being under appreciated, being tired of the BS, and trying to do better but more than often there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. CHERISH is super important to my growth as an artist. I’m not going to lie and say everything has been smooth up to this point but I will say it’s been a fruitful journey full of life lessons and priceless takeaways. If I had one job for any new listeners or even dedicated fans, it would be to try to to take anything for granted and listen so you can learn. That’s what CHERISH means to me at-least.”.

Artist Bio

Rilla Force is an artist, producer, and DJ hailing from Boston, Massachusetts. His signature sound is a sub genre he’s coined RNBDM — a blend of future bass infused with electronic , hip-hop , and RnB . Rilla Force has been producing music for over a decade. Over the years he’s worked with a roster of unique artists and has performed locally as an artist, as well as a DJ, across some of Boston’s premier music venues. He is looking forward to continuing to build relationships with other diverse artists, showcase his sound, and continuously give back to the music community.