LovePoser - Promised To Never Go Artwork - SONO Music Group

SONO Music announces Promised To Never Go the new single by LovePoser

18-year-old Texas based music artist LovePoser is disrupting the indie/pop scene with his new relatable single ‘Promised To Never Go”.

Release Date: 08/07/2022
Listen to / Pre-Save ‘ Promised To Never Go ’ here: https://go.sono.to/PromisedToNeverGo 

LovePoser tells us the story of his new single Promised To Never Go:

At the time I had just moved in with my best friend and had just gotten into a relationship with a girl I’ve known for 6 years.

Throughout both the friendship and relationship I was doing so much to make these 2 people happy I was sacrificing not only my physical and mental health but also my financials I was paying everything for my friend who I let move in with me and he refused to get a job I was cleaning up after him cooking for and even doing his laundry and would get nothing in return when I all I wanted was to have people I could care about and would care about me.

At the same time I was in a relationship that was basically the same thing but I wasn’t paying for everything but I would just constantly be blown off by this person and everything good I would ever do would be totally disregarded and they constantly wanted for there to be problems and drama. Eventually I just cut them off. I made my friend move out and just isolated myself for a month. Then on a random day in May I just got motivation to talk about everything that has happened but I literally had no one to talk to so I made Promised To Never Go and everything just poured out into this song I was able to release all my emotions and explain my story.

LovePoser commented: “This song was such a moment of growth for me its the first song I feel like I was truly able to capture my sound with and what I wanted to be known for. this song genuinely saved me at the time of making it I was in such a dark place because of what I was going through
and I had no one to talk to and no way of coping so I poured all my emotions on to this track and I created my best piece of work to date”.