SONO Music announces Corps Étranger the new Single by Glass Sentinels

Infinite reality, unplanned salvation, renewal melody yet unsung..

Release Date: July 29th 2022
Listen to / Pre-Save ‘ Corps Étranger ’ here: https://go.sono.to/corpsetranger 

With this new release, Glass Sentinels continues to explore the relationships between humans and technology. ‘Corps Étranger’ is the second single from the upcoming debut album of Glass Sentinels. Two sensitive forces uniting and using introspective observations to bring a fictional lens on human experience.

Glass Sentinels commented: “The Girl regains consciousness, surprised to feel a foreign object lying on her head. Translucent glows perfuse deserted views, a scorching breeze creeps into her lungs. Now entangled in an unfamiliar body, a version of her, she can almost feel what stands ahead.”.

Artist Bio

Glass Sentinels explores the ineluctable meeting between a girl and a robot. The tale takes place in a world where the humans can’t continue to live like they used to. The bots slowly took over a space that some will see as positive, but others will see as threatening. Through their meandering path, the girl and the sentinel will unveil the
darkest corners of humanity and reveal a future we have yet to see.

Storytelling is brought through surrealist electronica sonic landscapes and haunting vocals. Dunes of glitches, rivers of emotions, dark winds threatening the intricate balance between organic foley elements and digitally altered sources. Coming from the depths of Montreal, two women sharing a strong connection co-write and co-produce a futuristic work of art revolving around electronica as a main genre.

The adventure starts with their debut album unfolding in eight singles released one by one through their label Sono Music Group. On July 29 2022, the second single Corps Étranger will take you one step further through the journey.