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Glass Sentinels – Distant Whistle

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Glass Sentinels - Distant Whistle


This new release marks the beginning of a new project exploring the relationships between humans and technology. ‘Distant Whistle’ is the first song of the upcoming debut album of Glass Sentinels. Two sensitive forces uniting and using introspective observations to bring a fictional lens on human experience.

The fictional universe of Glass Sentinels takes place between two characters, a girl and a robot. In ‘Distant Whistle’, the girl wakes up in a world that is not hers, where the memories are all but blurred. The opacity of the air is suffocating. She can hardly breathe, still she can hear whistling. A calculated hiss, hauling her through this unknown path. A sound she can’t dismiss, is she going mad? With the heaviness of uncertainty comes an itching curiosity. She did not ask for this exile, or did she?

Glass Sentinels


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Glass Sentinels – Distant Whistle Lyrics


Calculated whistle
Still carving its way
Like a lonesome widowed lovebird

Insulated signal
I think I’m afraid
I couldn’t find the right word

Sous mes pieds, le monde se désole
Souvenirs inhabités
Je ne sais plus compter les heures

Un silence qui m’isole
Je me laisse envelopper, étouffée
Mon exil n’est qu’un leurre