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Randi – Dancing with a Broken Heart

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Randi - Dancing with a Broken Heart


I recently went through a break up and have struggled with mental illness for most of my life. When me and my partner broke up, my life was complete and utter chaos and it was crumbling before my eyes. After I recovered and began paying more attention to my needs and self-love, I started this project about my whole process of rediscovering love and all that entails. I figured a lot of people can relate to my story and I am eager to share it. I am inspired by pop artists like Amelia Moore as well as some older artists like Natasha Bedingfield. Jhene Aiko has been a huge inspiration for me as far as creating music that dives into the inner complexities of the mind of the individual. This song is me shedding my skin and showing how I have dealt with difficulty and adversity in my life. I hope others find peace while listening to it.



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