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RHYME, Dontmesswithjuan – Tōryanse (通りゃんせ)

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RHYME, Dontmesswithjuan - Tōryanse (通りゃんせ) - SONO Music



This song represents the inner strength that can sometimes seem faraway, but it’s might just be leading the way. As an image, the character holds a machete and she will be surprised by it taking full control. Sounds of machete form the bed of organic beats and we plunge into a surreal koto journey, created from RHYME’s beautiful koto playing.

This song holds the lyrics of RHYME’s favorite song ‘Tōryanse’, a very iconic old children’s song in Japan. The French and the Japanese lyrics come piercing through, carrying a feminine warrior energy. Will you let it enchant you?

RHYME, Dontmesswithjuan


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RHYME, Dontmesswithjuan – Tōryanse (通りゃんせ) Lyrics


La fin de mon arme
Je perds
Pendant au bout de mes bras
Je perds
Son teint
Dans les flammes
Je perds
D’un coup se revigora
Et j’en perds
Le contrôle
Je perds
Je perds

Je perds, je perds
Je perds, je perds
Je perds, je perds

Chemin de mon arme
Maintenant libéré de moi
Au bout de ses larmes
Prête à se battre sans moi
Cette fois je gagne
Le combat

通りゃんせ 通りゃんせ
ここはどこの 細道じゃ
天神さまの 細道じゃ
ちっと通して 下しゃんせ
御用のないもの 通しゃせぬ
この子の七つの 御祝いに
御札を納めに 参ります
行きはよいよい 帰りはこわい
通りゃんせ 通りゃんせ