Agar Agar Share New Banger ‘Trouble’

A swirling dose of hypnotic electronic pop…

French duo Agar Agar return with new single ‘Trouble’.

Out now, the song originated as an attempt to relieve boredom, with the Gallic pairing dipping into their rave roots.

A hypnotic dose of electronic pop, the swirling digital textures are aligned around a powerful pop melody.

Set to headline London’s Studio 9294 on September 8th, Agar Agar push their live energy to the fore.

Hallucinogenic alt-pop in an electronic setting, Agar Agar explain…

“We wrote ‘Trouble’ during a period of extreme boredom.It’s a track that talks about being confined within a limited space, the need to escape those borders and the overwhelming weariness we feel when there’s no way out.”

Tune in now.

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Source: https://www.clashmusic.com/news/agar-agar-share-new-banger-trouble