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Andy Smythe Releases New Single “Love Ain’t Free”

A Protest Anthem for a Post-Brexit Generation

Check out the single here: Love Ain’t Free

On June 14th, Andy Smythe released his powerful new single, “Love Ain’t Free,” addressing the struggles faced by young Brits in the wake of Brexit. The song highlights the bureaucratic and financial hurdles that citizens must overcome to marry and bring EU partners to live in the UK. With poignant lyrics and a dynamic blend of folk and rock, Smythe’s latest track serves as a protest against the current socio-political climate.

The Message of “Love Ain’t Free”

“Love Ain’t Free” is more than just a song; it’s a statement on the difficulties faced by young people in a post-Brexit world. As the UK heads into a general election, where citizens will choose between continuing Tory rule or electing a new government, this track resonates deeply. It sheds light on the challenges for Brits who wish to marry EU citizens, including the requirement of having £30,000 in a bank account or a high-paying job to bring their spouses to the UK. The song critiques the broader societal issues, including the housing market’s inaccessibility and the financial barriers to starting a family, emphasizing how these challenges impact young people’s lives and relationships.

Smythe’s lyrics continue the tradition of socially conscious music, echoing themes of free speech and democracy seen in tracks like “Dear Landlord,” “Prodigal Son,” and “Raggle Taggle England” from his latest album, “Poetry in Exile.”

The Musical Landscape

“Love Ain’t Free” marks Smythe’s first single since the release of his critically acclaimed album “Poetry in Exile” in March, which has been praised for its visionary portrayal of humanity’s evolution in a post-Covid world. The album has received extensive airplay on UK folk and indie radio shows and has been lauded for its eclectic songwriting that defies easy categorization.

In this new single, Smythe showcases his songwriting versatility by blending folk elements with an up-tempo rock vibe. The track features a mesmerizing fiddle part by Beatrice Limonti, reminiscent of legendary folk-rock fiddlers like Scarlett Rivera and Steve Wickham. The production, overseen by Dave Palmer, complements Smythe’s creative vision with imaginative sonic landscapes, adding depth and texture to the song.

The Artist Behind the Music

Andy Smythe is a multi-talented musician, playing guitars, bass, and saxophone, and possessing a remarkable four-octave vocal range, which allows him to perform all his own harmonies. His band, now a five-piece ensemble featuring bass, fiddle, mandolin, and drums, has been making significant strides in the music scene. Known for their powerful live performances, they have sold out notable venues in South London and are a regular feature at folk and rock festivals across England.

With “Love Ain’t Free,” Smythe continues to solidify his reputation as an artist with much to say. His work has been described as “psychedelic and spacy pop occupying the middle ground between the Beatles, Bowie, and Buckley” by AnR magazine, and as “breathing new life into the Britpop genre” by IndieGrid. Shindig praises him as an artist who “transcends his influences” and TJPL News describes “Poetry in Exile” as “a stunning time travel through the heart and history.”