Ashe Calls Harry Styles Comparison “Unfair, Unjustified, Sexist”

"And it's fucking boring."

Ashe has hit out at comparisons between her work and Harry Styles.

The comparisons have become more and more frequent, with some onlookers contrasting their work.

In a TikTok video, a visibly exasperated Ashe played a mash-up of her song ‘Another Man’s Jeans’ and Mr. Styles:


helppp i wanna put this out so bad, should iiiii???

♬ another mans jeans – ashe

Ashe then shared a series of tweets, outlining her feelings on the “unfair, unjustified, and SEXIST” comparisons between the two artists.

Calling the conversation “fucking boring” Ashe said:

“it’s not the first time i’ve gotten hate for baseless allegations and it won’t be the last, i just wanted to make my final words on it very clear. i’m not angry or hurt and i’m done being annoyed. i think harry is one of the greats. i’m grateful to be making music in the same era as him but i’m not gonna devalue my art or my image by comparing myself to a guy. plenty of misogynistic, bitter people can do that for me suit that’s that. thanks to each of you being immeasurably kind, i love you. here’s to an unbothered 2022.”

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Photo Credit: Rachel Lipsitz

Source: https://www.clashmusic.com/news/ashe-calls-harry-styles-comparison-unfair-unjustified-sexist