B-Low new single Attention

B-LOW is back and he is ready to get the interests of thousands with his upcoming single Attention.

The impressive sound and words will resonate with everyone who listens. It is nothing short of perfection with an amazing beat and a powerful story, which is expressed through the lyrics and voice in this amazing track.

ATTENTION channels B-LOW’S angelic and dynamic vocals which cover a wide range as he intertwines the genre of POP with a touch of HIP-HOP.

A strong beat and heavy bass are also typical of his style and are obvious in this new release.

This single also takes the listener through the life of people who trap themselves in toxic relationships, becoming obsessed with the sanity of one person.

“TWO PEOPLE CAN STAY TOGETHER FOREVER BUT WILL NEVER BE FULFILLED UNTIL THEY STAY WITH THEIR TRUE LOVE FOR ETERNITY” B-LOW This quote ‘hits hard’ for people suffering in LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS and is a theme that has been around since time began.

The beat which was written by “SUGIMURA” brings this song to the next level, giving a calm smoothness and feel to the music which combines well with the hard hitting lyrics.