Ballantine’s collaborates with Shawna X on a new bottle design and a series of community initiatives

Sparking joy…

Independent artist and visual director Shawna X has teamed up with luxury Scotch whisky connoisseurs Ballantine’s for a bold and colourful, limited edition bottle. Looking to bring light and joy back as the world reopens, the bottle symbolises a collective energy of positivity and diversity in culture that both Ballantine’s and Shawna X are proud to stand for.

Making a name for herself with vibrant installations and work with Nike, Adobe, The New Yorker, Spotify and more recently, her reinterpretation of the Oscars statue, New York-based artist Shawna X invokes her signature splash of colour to Ballantine’s iconic Finest bottle.

Alongside the bottle launch, Ballantine’s are launching a series of colourful murals to celebrate community spirit while providing grants to assist the recovery of local nightlife and helping independent hospitality businesses in various cities.

“After the past 20 months, everyone is in need of good vibes and positivity,” said Shawna X of the collaboration. “It’s amazing to be able to bring some joy and colour to communities with Ballantine’s, both on shelves and beyond the bottle into streets and bars. Community spirit is something that has always been important to me so being able to work closely with and champion local communities around the world has been a unique experience.“

“The Ballantine’s x Shawna X limited edition celebrates community spirit and bringing people back together” Mathieu Deslandes, Ballantine’s Marketing Director said. “Nightlife neighbourhoods and the hospitality industry have faced a tough time over the past year or two and we are pleased to give back to the places where Ballantine’s is best enjoyed – the bars. I can’t wait to see these bold and vibrant designs inject a sense of joy and colour onto shelves around the world.”

Designed in Shawna’s signature style, the Shawna X limited-edition bottles and gift packs will be available at selected retailers worldwide from November 2021 and online here.


Source: https://www.clashmusic.com/fashion/ballantines-collaborates-with-shawna-x