Binker & Moses Announce New Album ‘Feeding The Machine’

It's out on February 25th…

Binker & Moses will release new album ‘Feeding The Machine’ on February 25th.

The jazz duo – saxophonist Binker Golding and drummer Moses Boyd – is a formidable partnership, with 2017’s ‘Journey To The Mountain Of Forever’ afforded with across the board acclaim.

Live documents have followed, with the pair settling into Real World Studios in 2021 to focus on new material.

Out on February 25th, ‘Feeding The Machine’ features two UK jazz virtuosos, with honorary third member Max Luthert on tape loops.

New track ‘Accelerometer Overdose’ is online now, an inspired return that finds Binker’s saxophone at its most challenging, and its most meditative.

Discussing the album, Moses Boyd comments…

“I feel myself and Binker have been wanting to create this album for some years. The timing was never right, and I also feel we needed some more experience under our belt to attempt a record like this. We knew we wanted it to be different from all our previous material. Each Binker and Moses record has a strong identity and we wanted to maintain that whilst contributing something new that excites us both.”

“When the opportunity came up to record it was quite last minute. We had no material planned but just a concept. Really, we took a huge leap of faith and went in the studio empty-handed. The only concept I had was this idea of feeding our improvisation through these different machines / configurations in the studio. We enlisted our long-time friend and collaborator Max Luthert on tape loops and modular synths to achieve this.”

“This album is less about the forms and melodies but more about pushing ourselves creatively within a different way of working. I feel we achieved something special which I’m very proud of.”

Check out ‘Accelerometer Overdose’ below.

Photo Credit: Dan Medhurst

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