Burna Boy vs Shatta Wale: What Are They Fighting Over…?

It's a true war of words…

Simmering tensions between Burna Boy and Shatta Wale descended into a war of words over the weekend.

The two are rivals, but the increased tension between the artists erupted on social media.

Burna Boy accused his Ghanian rival of being “a sick puppy rapist” before declaring he could have had Shatta Wale killed at the beginning of his career.

Shatta Wale immediately hit back, claiming that the row was due to jealousy; “I’m telling you all, it’s because a friend of mine told Burna I fucked his girl..so he stopped picking my calls… Because he was a fool, he accepted another fool as his friend cuz the 2 are fools for life!”

He also wrote: “You have failed big time to step on this side of my tail… This girl you are quarreling with me about knows I never had anything to do with her… Am too loyal for that…”

Shatta Wale also accused Burna Boy of “raping jealousy” before telling fans: “Your artiste is a rapist…”

In response, Burna Boy has removed himself from socials. Speaking on IG Stories, he said “I really let this pig get to me” before adding: “I sincerely apologize to everyone…”

Find his statement below.

Source: https://www.clashmusic.com/news/burna-boy-vs-shatta-wale-what-are-they-fighting-over