Signal Static - Under the Skin Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Canadian Punk-Rock Band Signal Static Uplifts the Transgender and Non-Binary Communities with Upcoming Single

Combining Hard Rock, Punk, and Alternative for an Emotionally Captivating and Refreshing Sound

Victoria, Canada

Release Date: 2023-05-13
Check out Under the Skin here: https://music.signal-static.com/uts

Canadian Alternative Punk-Rock band Signal Static is determined to use music as a platform to express their unique and thought-provoking message. With their upcoming single ‘Under the Skin’, the band makes a statement of support for the transgender and non-binary communities.

Signal Static - Under the Skin Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Drawing inspiration from renowned artists such as Chevelle, Tool, Muse, Queens of the Stoneage, and Pendulum, Signal Static combines hard rock, punk, and alternative with elements of metal, grunge and electronic music. This creates an intensely fresh and emotionally compelling sound. The band’s songs aim to express equal parts personal introspection and social commentary, exploring the modern world through the minds of those who inhabit it and delving into the struggles and victories that shape the human experience.

‘Under the Skin’ celebrates stories and journeys of the transgender and non-binary communities, honouring their strength and resilience. The single was written in the band’s underground lair, The Bunker, during the 2020 lockdowns. Taking up the frontman role, Ryan Stringer (formerly the bassist) decided to write something positive and uplifting.

The new single serves as a reminder that no matter the circumstances, there is always hope and progress. It brings together hard rock, punk and alternative music to create a sound that is both emotionally captivating and refreshing. With such an inspiring message, Signal Static is sure to make a lasting impression on listeners.