DAMIEN’s Latest Single ‘Joy (In My Own Time)’ Champions Self-Affirmation and Mental Health Awareness

Ipswich Darkwave Artist Partners with Tribe Clubhouse to Support Isolated and Fringe-Dwelling Individuals

Check Joy (In My Own Time) here from March 31st

Ipswich-based darkwave artist DAMIEN is set to release his latest single, Joy (In My Own Time), this March. The song is a powerful declaration of self-affirmation, drawing on the artist’s own search for hope and strength during times of deep fear and insecurity.

The track features beautifully layered harmonies and soulful basslines, showcasing DAMIEN’s musical talent and unique sound. The artist’s previous album, Wrong Age. Wrong Race. Wrong Gender., was a critical success, and Joy (In My Own Time) promises to be another hit for the rising star.

What sets Joy (In My Own Time) apart is its connection to Tribe Clubhouse, a Redcliffe social enterprise that is raising funds to buy a community van to collect isolated and fringe-dwelling individuals and physically transport them to a place of connection and belonging. DAMIEN’s song is specifically about the experience of feeling isolated and on the fringe, making it a perfect fit for this partnership.

DAMIEN’s message of hope and self-affirmation is especially important in today’s world, where many individuals struggle to find their place in society. With Joy (In My Own Time), the artist offers a glimmer of hope and a reminder that everyone has the right to find joy and belonging in their own time.