Daniel Dor - Crab Nebula Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Daniel Dor Releases New Single and AI Video From Upcoming EP ‘Crab Nebula’

Dor’s latest EP explores the transformative power of hardships and joy, with each song accompanied by a unique painting by Ivonne Dippmann, and recorded in four different countries.

Release Date: 2023-02-28
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Israeli musician and singer-songwriter, Daniel Dor, has released a new single titled ‘Crab Nebula’ from his upcoming EP of the same name. The EP takes listeners into a piano/artpop/progressive realm that is far from everyday life, where time runs differently and there is less gravity. The single is accompanied by a breathtaking AI-generated video created by Andrey Lev-Ari’s Instagram channel, ALA.

Daniel Dor - Crab Nebula Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

The album art for ‘Crab Nebula’ was created over a two-month period by Ivonne Dippmann in her parents’ house in Kemnitz, Germany. Paintings will be revealed with each song released. The album was recorded in four different countries: Israel, Costa Rica, Germany, and Turkey. The basic tracks of piano and vocals were recorded in one live session at Kitcha studios Tel Aviv a few days before the third Israeli Covid lockdown.

The album songs relate to different consciousness states, hardships, and joy and their circular ability to transform us. There is also a third character in the album which is the earth itself, a bigger and greater ecosystem that will survive all of humanity’s deeds. Daniel has been releasing music for quite some time, beginning with his Debut album ‘Rock Positive’ in 2012, and his latest EP ‘Leaving Circumstances’ received excellent reviews from Bandcamp and international blogs.

Daniel’s music takes listeners on a journey of liberation from normative life towards an adventure of the spirit. As he explains, “When I listen to the album, I hear a dance between light and dark, spinning around in circles, just like Yin and Yang or other forces of nature like the feminine and the masculine.”

With a career spanning many years and collaborations with renowned artists such as Shye Ben Tzur and Oren Lavie, Daniel Dor’s ‘Crab Nebula’ promises to be a unique and mesmerizing addition to his impressive musical repertoire.

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