Derek Lee Goodreid - Lost & Alone Again Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Discover the Soulful Country Music of Derek Lee Goodreid’s ‘Lost & Alone Again’

A Tribute to His Grandmother, and an Exploration of the Evolution of Country Music

Perth, Australia

Release Date: 2023-04-03
Check out Lost & Alone Again here: https://open.spotify.com/track/2UtDEJ3eugp0qRRwPteUSJ?si=73c0f2c2ac0647bb

Derek Lee Goodreid’s latest release, “Lost & Alone Again,” is a stunning example of the emotional depth and soulful storytelling that has made him a rising star in the world of country-folk music. Inspired by legends like Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, and Hank Williams, Goodreid’s music is infused with a raw honesty and authenticity that speaks to the struggles and joys of everyday life.

Derek Lee Goodreid - Lost & Alone Again Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

With “Lost & Alone Again,” Goodreid takes listeners on a journey through his own personal struggles with isolation and loss. Drawing on his experiences growing up in Perth, where the river meets the sea, he reflects on leaving the church he grew up in and the sense of loneliness and disconnection that came with it. But even as he confronts these painful experiences, there is a sense of hope and redemption in his music, a recognition of the power of music to heal a broken soul.

Early American folk music serves as the foundation for the lengthy and famous history of the country-folk genre. Over time, it has developed and evolved, including elements of rock, blues, and other musical genres. But at its core, it still revolves around the human experience and is a storytelling and emotion-driven genre.

By releasing “Lost & Alone Again,” Derek Lee Goodreid is establishing his own niche within this illustrious legacy. Check it out on all streaming platforms!