Lyra Star - Scars Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Discover Your Inner Strength with Lyra Star’s New EP ‘Scars’

A Powerful Exploration of the Emotional and Physical Marks We All Carry Within Us

Los Angeles, United States

Release Date: 2023-05-19
Check out Scars here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/lyrastar/scars-2

Los Angeles-based artist Lyra Star is back with her new EP, ‘Scars’ – a powerful exploration of the emotional and physical marks we all carry within us. Drawing from her own personal stories, Star creates a vivid blend of folk, indie-pop and electronic genres to craft a dreamy yet transmundane sound.

Lyra Star - Scars Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Using her unique combination of performance art and music, Lyra Star creates music that resonates on a deeply personal level – exploring the depths of our inner scars and our capacity to rise from the darkness. With her ethereal melodies and vulnerable lyrics, Lyra Star guides us on a journey of self-discovery and reminds us that when the world feels heavy, we can look within ourselves to find the strength to keep going.

“Love is waiting for us all if we can really get to know ourselves and our innermost desires and dreams,” Star says.

Star’s sound encapsulates the whimsical sonics of Imogen Heap and the tonality of Tori Amos, creating a cinematic quality that is both unique and mesmerizing. Since moving to LA, Lyra Star has released five singles, including a stunning cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Red House.” She has also performed in world renowned venues including TRiP Santa Monica’s TRiPTease Burlesque, Attitude Lounge Beverly Hills, and Bar Sinister’s Femme Domme Fatale.

‘Scars’, the new EP from Lyra Star, is available for pre-save and streaming on May 19th. For those looking to explore the genre-evolution of electronic indie-folk/pop, ‘Scars’ is an exploration of the meaningful connections we all share – perfectly encapsulated by Lyra Star’s own unique, ethereal sound.