Julia Sole - First Floor : Inhale Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Dive Into Julia Sole’s Inner World with Her Debut EP, First Floor: Inhale

An Immersive Musical Experience That You Won’t Soon Forget, Julia Sole has no boundaries with her debut EP and explores al corners of her head visualised as an house she can’t seem to escape.

Utrecht, Netherlands

Release Date: 2023-03-10
Check out First Floor : Inhale here

Julia Sole - First Floor : Inhale Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Julia Sole’s debut EP, First Floor: Inhale, is a vivid exploration of her inner world. This EP is a journey into the depths of her mind, with each track representing a room in the house she can’t seem to escape. Sole’s captivating compositions and distinctive soundscapes move between synth-driven atmospheres and dynamic percussion to create an intense, immersive and unique sound.

First Floor: Inhale is a reflection of Julia Sole’s search for identity, a search that translates into a powerful musical experience. With this EP, Sole takes the listener on a journey through her mind, exploring all corners of her head and confronting her fears. Each track is carefully crafted, with moments of tension and release, and a raw emotional intensity that invites the listener to join her in this powerful exploration.

First Floor: Inhale is an impressive debut from Julia Sole, a testament to her skill as a composer and producer. This EP is a captivating exploration of her inner world, and a powerful musical experience for those who want to follow her on her journey. Inhale, and let Julia Sole take you on a musical journey that you won’t soon forget.