Blue Bijou - In This Town Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Experience a Soul-Stirring Journey of Emotion and Hope with Blue Bijou’s ‘In This Town’

The Latest Indie Pop Anthem Takes Listeners on a Nostalgic Journey of Reflection and Escapism”

PARIS, France

Release Date: 2023-03-31
Check out In This Town here: https://open.spotify.com/track/4rhknJ7H3miqWLrUJ4rHwk?si=40072224198f48c1

Blue Bijou is a French artist from Paris who is on a mission to create emotion with his music and spread a message of hope for a better future. His style of music is best described as Deep music, an electronic romantic pop that makes sense. His influences stem from the 80’s pop, New Wave, Indie and EDM genres, and his music often carries a nostalgic feeling that takes the listener away to a world of escapism.

Blue Bijou - In This Town Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

The artist’s new single “In This Town” is a tribute to Baudelaire’s “Spleen”, a reflection on the choices we make in life and a lyrical journey into the depths of the soul. The song captures the feeling of emptiness and loneliness despite the world around us and the memories of a sweet past that we cling to, all while imagining a life that could have been different.

The indie pop genre has evolved over the past few decades, with artists such as The Cure, Simple Minds, Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, Eagles, Supertramp, Steely Dan, The Alan Parsons Project, Jean Michel Jarre, New Order, Kraftwerk, and Massive Attack leading the charge. Blue Bijou’s “In This Town” is the latest addition to the pantheon of classic and modern indie pop music, a stirring and emotive track that seeks to capture the listener’s soul. So head over to your favorite streaming service and pre-save “In This Town” by Blue Bijou for a soul-stirring indie pop experience.