Alba James - Wake Up In Your Eyes Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Experience Love Through Music: Alba James’s New Queer Folk Ballad

Listen to Alba James’s Uplifting Single ‘Wake Up In Your Eyes’ and Get Ready to Feel Inspired

Skara, Sweden

Release Date: 2023-03-09
Check out Wake Up In Your Eyes here: https://youtu.be/db4k5HAn61g

Introducing Alba James, a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music producer from Skara, Sweden. Alba recently released her new single, “Wake Up In Your Eyes”, a queer folk ballad that resembles the work of artists like Wolf Larsen and Fleet Foxes. Alba used her guitar, ukulele and accordion to give the song a very warm and unique sound.

Alba James - Wake Up In Your Eyes Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

In her single, Alba expresses her desire to see the world through her lover’s eyes and explore the extraordinary feelings of being in love. The music video that she released with the song on Youtube is a reflection of Alba’s quirky personality, full of wonky and weird visuals.

When she is not making music, Alba enjoys taking walks in the forest and admiring the beauty of the natural world. She also has a passion for the Moomins characters, plants and chocolate.

Alba’s new single “Wake Up In Your Eyes” is an expression of her love for music and her desire to share her unique sound with the world. It is a beautiful ballad that will leave listeners feeling inspired and uplifted.