Ki To - Layin Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Feel the Emotion of Ki To’s New Single “Layin”

An Honest and Heartfelt Track That Will Captivate Its Listeners. A melancholy track, with chill and dream-like production— whilst singing about moving on and love.

San Francisco, United States

Release Date: 2022-09-01
Check out Layin here: https://youtu.be/iUgvpNIEAm0

Ki To’s new single, “Layin”, is a melancholic track that touches the heart with its chill and dream-like production. With inspirational lyrics about love and moving on, Ki To’s track is a true coming of age story that many listeners can relate to.

Ki To - Layin Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Ki To, originally from San Francisco, United States, is currently working as a model in the commercial and beauty realm. His new single marks a special venture for the artist, as he hopes to share his stories and experiences through his music and dancing.

“Layin” is an emotion-filled piece that speaks to its audience through its smooth and dreamy sound. The track has a deep and thoughtful flow that draws its listening in, captivating them until the very end. Ki To’s vocals match the beat perfectly, creating a dream-like atmosphere that will leave you feeling inspired.

Ki To’s “Layin” is an honest and heartfelt track that will captivate its listeners. With its chill and dream-like production, Ki To’s single is sure to be a hit amongst fans. If you’re looking for a coming of age track to relate to, look no further than Ki To’s “Layin”.