Four Tet Albums Removed From Streaming Services

A legal dispute with Domino Records over royalties ensues…

Electronic artist Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet yesterday shared that three albums released on Domino Records; 2001’s ‘Pause’, 2003’s ‘Rounds’ and ‘Everything Ecstatic’ released in 2005, have been removed from streaming services amidst an ongoing legal dispute over streaming and download royalities. It’s a move, Hebden says, that has been instigated by the label to prevent the dispute being heard in court. 

In August, the musician launched a case against the label, claiming retrospective damages for a historic royalty rate; Hebden believes the rate applied to record sales in 2001 is in breach of contract. Domino have since stated the contract was misinterpeted and the 18% royalty rate still applies to streams.

Culture select committee member MP Kevin Brennan chimed in, arguing that Hebden’s case is why parliamentary reform with regards to previous contract stipulations, royalties and renumeration, is a necessity. 

Four Tet’s 2010 album, ‘There Is Love In You’, remains on streaming platforms, seemingly not part of the original deal. 

The ongoing legal dispute is due to be heard in court next January. 

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Source: https://www.clashmusic.com/news/four-tet-albums-removed-from-streaming-services