Francis Eden - Two Fish Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Francis Eden’s New Single “Two Fish” is a Mesmerizing Pop Ballad

Francis Eden’s Powerful and Emotive Vocals Take Center Stage with Grand String Arrangements and Raw Honesty

Sydney, Australia

Release Date: 2023-02-24
Check out Two Fish here: https://ditto.fm/two-fish

Sydney-based singer-songwriter Francis Eden has been making waves in the Australian music scene with her unique blend of blues, pop, and soul. Her debut single “Fool’s Gold” was widely praised by critics and fans alike, and now she’s back with her latest release, “Two Fish.”

Francis Eden - Two Fish Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

“Two Fish” is an intimate yet grand pop ballad that explores the deep bonds we create with someone over time. The soaring strings add a new layer of emotion to the well-trodden ground of love songs, while Francis’ raw, emotional vocals and piano create an authentic and intimate performance. The subtle nuances in the string arrangement and drum fills keep the listener intrigued throughout the track.

Francis’ D.I.Y philosophy shines through in “Two Fish,” as she recorded the piano in a rehearsal space and all of the other instruments in her home studio. The song was born from a week-long songwriting session on an out-of-tune piano, and it’s an amalgamation of past love interests and a reflection on the sacredness of current relationships in her life.

“Two Fish” is a testament to Francis’ talent as a songwriter and producer, and it’s sure to capture the hearts of fans around the world. The single is available to stream on all major platforms, and you can pre-save it now on Ditto.fm.