Stellan Perrick - Naughty Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Get Ready To Be Mesmerized By Stellan Perrick’s Latest Single ‘Naughty’

An Exciting Blend of Indie and R&B, ‘Naughty’ Is Sure to Captivate and Entice Listeners Everywhere. Indie and R&B fusion artist Stellan Perrick delivered his enticing new single ‘NAUGHTY’ this February.

Stuttgart, Germany

Release Date: 2023-02-27
Check out Naughty here: https://ditto.fm/naughty-stellan-perrick

Self-producing artist Stellan Perrick has been making waves since his debut in 2022 with a unique and genre-bending sound. His passion for music and versatility have allowed him to create music that grabs listeners’ attention and sparks excitement. His debut single ‘Golden Baby’ reached Brazil’s most-downloaded platform and landed a number-one spot in the pop genre, gaining positive feedback from Billboard co-writers, MTV, Entertainment Weekly, and more.

Stellan Perrick - Naughty Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

In February 2023, Stellan released ‘Naughty’, a glistening new single that serves listeners with a fierce but atmospheric R&B fusion with exquisite melodies and hypnotizing vocals. The track opens with a combination of sinister melodies, hard-hitting basslines, and soaring synths, creating a flawless listening experience. Stellan’s flawless vocals add vital texture to this incredible affair, while his innovative production skills take the track to a whole new level.

‘Naughty’ is the perfect showcase of Stellan’s impressive array of talents, taking listeners on a journey through a dark and sinister soundscape of hard-hitting basslines, soaring synths, and hypnotizing vocals. Already gaining support from industry professionals and music fans alike, ‘Naughty’ is set to be Stellan’s biggest release yet. With his creative production skills and genre-bending sound, Stellan Perrick is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.