Greyware’s new single “Canopy” takes you on a journey through nature

One-man band, Patrick Disney, creates a relaxing and ambient soundtrack for winding down

Check the single here.

Greyware, a one-man band featuring Patrick Disney, has just released a new single called Canopy. The song is designed to help listeners relax, focus on work, or get in a good headspace for reading or studying. With a pleasing melody and calming rhythm, the song is the perfect soundtrack for winding down after a busy day.

Patrick Disney is the sole member of Greyware and plays all instruments on the track. He cites Radiohead and Boards of Canada as his main influences. Disney has played numerous Irish festivals and St. Patrick’s Day events with his Celtic rock band, 9 Castle Close.

Canopy was produced in Disney’s home studio. The song is about the feeling of lying on the ground and watching the sky with a canopy of trees above. The single is a part of an upcoming album, which is yet to be released.

Greyware’s Canopy is a beautiful composition that can transport you to a peaceful state of mind. If you are a fan of ambient and electronic music, this single is worth checking out. It is a testament to Patrick Disney’s talents as a musician and his ability to create immersive soundscapes that transport listeners to different worlds.