Sabreen Islam - room service Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Hear Sabreen Islam’s Inspiring Debut EP ‘Room Service’

Celebrating her Bangladeshi and Muslim roots, Sabreen’s music reflects her journey as an artist and a message of hope and resilience.

Auckland, New Zealand

Release Date: 2023-03-10
Check out room service here: https://gyro.to/roomservice

Auckland-based emerging singer-songwriter Sabreen Islam has released her stunning debut EP, ‘room service’. The six-track EP is a mix of previously released singles, including ‘you will never see this’, ‘still love you’, and ‘victory’, alongside new songs ‘all these dreams’, ‘fields’ and the title track ‘room service’.

Sabreen Islam - room service Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Sabreen’s music is a mix of indie-pop and folk, with a great storytelling and a message of empowerment. Her debut EP is a reflection of her journey as an artist, from her Bangladeshi and Muslim roots to her Auckland actual home. Each song on the album carries a message of resilience, highlighting her ability to bring together various influences and create a sound that is fully her own.

Sabreen said that her ‘room service’ journey has been one of the most creatively fulfilling and interesting time for her as an artist. She sounds incredibly proud of the body of work she has created and is excited to share it with her listeners.

A multi-talented artist, Sabreen is also a published poet, having released her first collection of poetry, ‘spring clean’, in July 2022. As an advocate for her community, her music often features elements of her Bangladeshi and Muslim heritage. Her single ‘still love you’ features tabla prominently in its production.

Sabreen’s debut EP ‘room service’ is out now. Listen to the EP and stay tuned for more music from this exciting new artist.