Dirty Slippers - Honest Kid Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Hungarian Band Dirty Slippers Releases New Single “Honest Kid” Recorded at Abbey Road Studios

The First English Language Song from the Indie Pop/Rock Band Reflects on Childhood Innocence and Nostalgia

Budapest, Hungary

Release Date: 2023-02-21

Check out Hones Kid here

Hungarian indie pop/rock band Dirty Slippers is making waves with their latest release, “Honest Kid.” Recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London, UK, the track marks the band’s first foray into English language music.

Dirty Slippers - Honest Kid Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

The song tells the story of a man in middle age, looking back on his childhood with nostalgia for a simpler time before the chaos of Covid and war. It’s a sentiment that’s sure to resonate with listeners around the world as they reflect on their own experiences of the past year.

This single is a preview of what’s to come from Dirty Slippers, as it’s the first release from their upcoming album, which will also be recorded at Abbey Road Studios and released in the UK and Europe later this year. Produced by George Shilling, known for his work with Oasis, Mike Oldfield, and Blur, the album promises to be a must-listen for fans of the genre.

Dirty Slippers has been making music since 2005 and has achieved great success in their home country, with three albums charting and 10 singles on national radio playlists. Their music has also gained traction internationally, with over 1.7 million views on their music videos on YouTube.

The band is currently on a promotional tour across the UK in March and are available for press and radio interviews, giving fans the chance to get to know the group behind the infectious sound. If “Honest Kid” is any indication, Dirty Slippers is a band to watch out for in 2023.