Jen North Shares Evocative EP ‘In My Dreams’

Tune in now…

Jen North has shared her new EP ‘In My Dreams’ in full.

The new four-tracker aims to cross the line between waking and the unconscious mind, exploring desire and ambition in the process.

A means of filtering through her emotions, ‘In My Dreams’ acts as an introduction to her evocative songwriting.

Out now, the four-tracker is a deeply atmospheric, highly ethereal alt-pop document. She comments…

“What do dreams sound like? That was the question I kept in mind when creating this EP. Dreams have always fascinated me, they’re a fantastical world where lost lovers can return and entire lives can be lived whilst time stops just for a second. They can leave you overwhelmed with emotion, you can cry and dance all in the same night. I want to make songs that capture this. There’s a few tracks that make me feel this way: ‘Gone’ by Charli XCX and ‘Dionne’ by The Japanese House to name a couple. I hope that people feel the same when they hear ‘In My Dreams’ – like walking dreamers.”

“The title track is super important to me. It emerged from the idea that even when someone is gone forever, you can still find them in your dreams, which is comforting. It’s about those moments between the pain, where you find solace and hope.”

Tune in now.

Source: https://www.clashmusic.com/news/jen-north-shares-evocative-ep-in-my-dreams