Keeley Forsyth Announces New Album ‘Limbs’

Brooding new song 'Bring Me Water' is out now…

Keeley Forsyth will release new album ‘Limbs’ on February 25th.

The songwriter’s remarkable debut album received across the board praise on its 2020 release, a project marked by emotional intensity.

New album ‘Limbs’ expands ever-outward, and it’s set to be released via the Leaf Label next year.

Out on February 25th, the project is led by ‘Bring Me Water’, a brooding return that picks up where her debut left off.

Hugely evocative, the song seems to offer a complete world in and of itself. Keeley explains…

“The song picks up where ‘Start Again’, the final track on Debris, left off. It comes from a similar place, approached at a different angle, with the line ‘let me begin again’ central to that. It plots a journey from a place of darkness, but marks the point at which we choose to grow. Bring me water. Give me light. These are the basic things required to start that process.”

Tune in now.

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Source: https://www.clashmusic.com/news/keeley-forsyth-announces-new-album-limbs