Kepa Lehtinen’s New Album “In The Heart Of Winter” Brings A New Wave Of Experimental Classical Music

A Look Into the Unique Style and Creative Process of Finnish Composer Kepa Lehtinen, and His Latest Album “In The Heart Of Winter”

Check out the album here

Finnish composer Kepa Lehtinen has just released his latest album, “In The Heart Of Winter,” a haunting and experimental take on modern classical music. Known for his use of the theremin, Lehtinen pushes the boundaries of traditional acoustic methods of creation with a saw and prepared piano on this new record.

Lehtinen’s inspiration for the album comes from his Finnish background, as winter is known to be a dark and melancholic season in his country. The album’s title track, “In The Heart Of Winter,” captures this sentiment with its slow and mournful composition.

Other tracks on the album showcase Lehtinen’s creativity and experimentation, such as “Lake Theme For Saw, Theremin, And Piano,” a piece adapted from a short film that features the legendary Puka Oinonen on saw. Lehtinen’s brother Ari performs double bass on “Waltz For The Sleeping Helsinki,” adding an ethereal quality to the already dark and haunting piano and theremin composition.

Lehtinen’s passion for music is evident in his works, as he feels that it is the only true magic in the world. With “In The Heart Of Winter,” he delivers a unique and captivating experience that leaves a lasting impression on its listeners. Fans of experimental classical music and anyone looking for something new and different should not miss this album.