MAL’s New Single “Come to Light” Brings Hope and Hard-Hitting Rock to Listeners

Van Nuys Alternative Rock Trio Finds Inspiration in Lockdowns to Create Uplifting Music

Check the single here, from March 24th

Van Nuys, California alternative rock trio MAL has released their first single, “Come to Light,” which will be the title track of their forthcoming full-length album set to release in the summer of 2023. The band’s songwriting and recording process were influenced by the pandemic lockdowns in Los Angeles, where bands were unable to perform in front of live audiences.

“Come to Light” is an uplifting and hard-hitting song that revolves around staying true to oneself, especially during divisive and hostile times. The band’s members, Kris Jung, Peter Hollywood, and Brendan Reynolds, have experienced loss and tragedy during the pandemic, and this has fueled their passion and hope for their listeners to break free from molds and embrace their own happiness and fulfillment.

MAL’s unique blend of influences, including Jane’s Addiction, Black Sabbath, and Chemical Brothers, is evident in their sound. The band’s live performances have created a buzz, and they have played notable gigs and festivals, including opening for Alien Ant Farm and Danny Carey’s (of Tool) band, VOLTO. They have also showcased at the KROQ Locals Only show and performed with Boy Hits Car.

MAL turned to their close friend, fellow musician in the Valley scene, and notable mixing engineer, Andrew Haller (System of A Down, Elton John, Earth Wind & Fire, Common, Santana, A$ap Rocky) at Android Studio in the San Fernando Valley. Andrew, being a friend, fan, and trusted professional, mixed MAL’s second full length album, Acqua Macabre, and is currently mixing the rest of their next album including the single, “Come To Light”.

“Come to Light” is a song of hope and resilience, encouraging listeners to stay true to themselves and embrace their unique qualities, especially in challenging times.