BIAS - CAN'T STAND LOSING YOU Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Modern Take on Classic: BIAS and Lorenzo Team Up to Remix ‘Can’t Stand Losing You’

Synth Wave Reimagining of The Police’s Late 70s Hit Out Now on Digital Platforms

Imola, Italy

Release Date: 2023-03-09
Check out CAN’T STAND LOSING YOU here: https://linktr.ee/BiasLastRelease

BIAS and Lorenzo ‘Montaxx’ Montanari have joined forces to create their latest single, ‘Can’t Stand Losing You’. The Italian producer BIAS and the former vocalist of the band Light This Night have remixed the classic late 70s song by The Police, infusing it with a modern Synth Wave atmosphere.

BIAS - CAN'T STAND LOSING YOU Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

The pulsating drum machine loop, enveloping synths, and disrupted original arrangement create a gloomy atmosphere, allowing the lyrics to remain the centerpiece of this rework, as Lorenzo’s vocals soar above the melodic backdrop. The single was produced and engineered by BIAS and mixed and mastered by Michele Suzzi, and it is available on all digital platforms, accompanied by a lyric video on YouTube.

BIAS is a musician, producer, and composer from Imola, Italy, and his passion for music began at the age of six under the guidance of his father. He has dabbled in many musical genres, but has a particular love of Punk and Rap. After a long stint as a drummer in various bands, in 2016 he released his first solo album, followed by ‘Pegaso’ in 2019 and the release of his ‘BIAS’ project in 2020.

The release of ‘Can’t Stand Losing You’ is a testament to BIAS and Lorenzo’s creative collaboration and their ability to turn a classic song into something new and exciting. The single is sure to be a hit with fans of both Synth Wave and The Police alike.