Joshua Ketchmark - ASHES Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Nashville-based Singer-Songwriter Joshua Ketchmark Releases Uplifting Single “Ashes”

Ketchmark’s Latest Release Showcases Raw Emotive Vocals and Cathartic Storytelling Rooted in Americana, As He Explores Trails and Tribulations of His Mid-Western Upbringing.

Nashville, United States

Release Date: 2023-03-10
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Nashville-based singer-songwriter Joshua Ketchmark has released his latest single, “Ashes,” inspired by his experience growing up in the mid-west. The single tells the story of going through a challenging situation and emerging on the other side with newfound clarity and a sense of truth. Ketchmark blends storytelling with raw, emotive vocals and a catchy melody, creating an uplifting and cathartic sound that draws on the best of heartland rock and country music.

Joshua Ketchmark - ASHES Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

“Ashes” is a testament to Ketchmark’s songwriting abilities and his dedication to creating honest, heartfelt music. His ability to connect with listeners on a personal level and create music that speaks to the human experience is what sets him apart as an artist. This single is part of his latest album, “BLOOD,” which was produced and mixed by Ketchmark himself and includes appearances by renowned musicians such as Zak St. John, Ger Hoffman, Michael Webb, Tony Paoletta, Sadler Vaden, and Nick Nguyen.

Ketchmark’s love for music began in his childhood when he discovered his parents’ record collection, which included the Beatles and Queen. He started learning riffs, writing songs, and playing local shows, which led him to Nashville and eventually to California. Ketchmark’s journey as an artist and his ability to tell authentic stories make him a hidden gem in the music industry. With “Ashes” and his latest album “BLOOD,” Ketchmark showcases his talent for creating music that is both captivating and relatable.