No See Ums Share Their Disconnect with New Single “Weekend”

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Brighton Trio’s Raw Punk Anthem Explores Modern Disillusionment
Brighton, UK
No See Ums, the politically charged rock trio from Brighton, have released their new single “Weekend.” Following the success of their debut track “Flags” and the recent release of their album “Elephants at the Airport,” this latest single dives deep into themes of disconnection and malaise, delivering a raw and relatable anthem for the modern era.
A Glimpse into the Band’s World
While their debut single “Flags” was a riff-soaked punk romp brimming with innuendo and sarcasm, “Weekend” takes a more introspective turn. The song offers an autobiographical glimpse into the band’s world, capturing feelings of apathy and dejection that resonate with many people today. As frontman Phil Johnstone explains, “I think many people will be able to understand feeling down on your luck and detached from humanity. We’re tapping into that sense of hopelessness that people feel but kind of doing it playfully, because on the surface it’s almost a jolly-sounding song.”
Musically Diverse Yet Consistent
“Weekend” stays true to No See Ums’ roots in punk and garage rock while weaving in elements of post-punk and indie. This fusion creates a sound that is both fresh and familiar, capturing the essence of disenchantment in 2024. The lyrics are deeply relatable, with the chorus “I’m starting to hate everything again” encapsulating the song’s themes and reflecting the disenfranchising nature of modern life.
An Anthem for the Disenchanted
For a band still building their audience, “Weekend” might seem like a departure from their debut single, but it stands strong as another powerful message from the frontlines of society. The song resonates with listeners who feel disconnected from the world, offering a poignant yet playful commentary on the struggles of daily life.
About No See Ums
No See Ums formed around the Covid-19 pandemic and quickly made a name for themselves with their politically charged, thrashy rock sound. The Brighton-based trio consists of Phil Johnstone, a seminal guitarist and lyricist from the psych-prog-rock band The Qwarks, Jax Burley, bassist from the notorious queer punk band Daffodildos, and Nick Flowers, drummer from The Qwarks. Together, they create a dynamic and edgy musical experience that draws influence from a diverse array of genres.
No See Ums’ new single “Weekend” is available now on all major streaming platforms. Their new album “Elephants at the Airport” is also available for listeners who want to explore more of their raw and unfiltered sound.
About Not Saints
Not Saints is the UK’s only record label working with musicians in recovery from addiction. The label helps artists rediscover their creativity and find a way to be active in music without facing the dangers of conventional music scenes.
Discover the powerful sound of No See Ums and immerse yourself in the raw energy of “Weekend,” a track that captures the essence of modern disillusionment and offers a voice to the disenfranchised. As No See Ums continue to push boundaries with their music, they remain a compelling force in the punk and indie rock scenes.