Perttu Leinonen - Second phase Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Perttu Leinonen’s “Second Phase” Album Blends Electronic Music and Spoken Word Poetry for a Mesmerizing Journey of Self-Discovery

Finnish Musician’s Latest Project Features Collaboration with International Poets and Delivers a Unique Listening Experience That Explores Themes of Nature, Hope, Sadness, Salvation, and Confronting the Self

Mäntsälä, Finland

Release Date: 2023-03-03
Check out Second phase here: https://open.spotify.com/album/1belnRbRq0NLvnlSCjebMN?si=3fUehpXDQPWJQ7aMF4000A

Perttu Leinonen - Second phase Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Self-taught composer and producer Perttu Leinonen, from Mäntsälä, Finland, is causing a stir in the music business with his innovative fusion of electronic music and spoken word poetry. His most recent work, “Second Phase,” is a masterwork of ambient poetry that guides listeners on a voyage of self-discovery.

Leinonen’s passion for experimenting with different musical styles began with trackers, and he now combines live music with digital audio workstation-based composing to create an unmatched sound that is uniquely his own. “Second Phase” is a testament to this, with its fusion of emotive spoken word poetry and intense electronic music.

The album features collaborations with several poets from around the world, including Wise Observer, Nelson Nkhata, Llana Aryas, Blessynkure, and Duniq1. Leinonen’s long-time friend and poet, Jarkko Sairanen, also contributed to the project, writing words that touch the soul and blend perfectly with the hypnotizing music.

“Second Phase” explores themes of family, nature, hope, sadness, salvation, happiness, and confronting oneself through the lens of poetry. Each track is a reflection of the introspection that comes with revisiting one’s past, taking listeners on a journey of self-discovery.

Introspection and self-discovery are central to Leinonen’s most recent work. It enables listeners to reflect on the situations that affected them to become the people they are today. Poets from all across the world collaborated on “Second Phase,” bringing their insights and voices to the project.

In conclusion, the audience will have had an inspiring listening experience that is likely to engage and inspire them.