Plant Dad - MoMA Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Plant Dad is Breaking Genre Boundaries with His Latest Single, “MoMA”

Explore the Nostalgic Sounds of Alternative Rock with Plant Dad’s Newest Single

Baltimore, MD, United States

Release Date: 2023-03-24
Check out MoMA here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/plantdad1/moma-2

Plant Dad’s seventh single “MoMA” is a genre-bending exploration of 90’s alternative, punk, and indie rock. Plant Dad (Ralph) combines elements of indie pop with his own musicality and lyricism to create a song that is reminiscent of the days of alternative rock. The single is about a relationship that was focused on beauty and physical appearance to the point of detriment. Plant Dad talks about a girl he was talking to that was so beautiful, “she could be in an art museum” and how he was unable to fully explore his feelings.

Plant Dad - MoMA Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

The music video for “MoMA” features Plant Dad and some of his friends in a punk-inspired setting. The video is a visual representation of the lyrics as Plant Dad and his friends dance, skate, and rock out with a sense of freedom. Plant Dad captures the energy of being in a band with a punk and alternative rock influence. Plant Dad’s raw energy and his exploration of different genres of music is an exciting addition to the indie-pop music scene.

Plant Dad is an artist that is inspired by 80s electronic bands, alternative rock, and singer-songwriter folk melodies. Born in Manila, Philippines, Plant Dad draws from the Baltimore music scene as a major influence on their music. With each song, Plant Dad seeks to create a party atmosphere, yet also evoke a feeling of nostalgia afterwards. “MoMA” is a perfect example of this, as Plant Dad explores different genres of music and creates something that is nostalgic and exciting at the same time. Plant Dad’s music is sure to please any fan of alternative, punk, and indie rock, while also having a broader appeal to any fan of indie-pop.