Abrasive Trees - EPOCHA Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Post-Punk/Post-Rock Band Abrasive Trees Announces CD-Only Release of New Album ‘EPOCHA’

Featuring 9 tracks written and recorded by Matthew Rochford, mixed by Mark Beazley of Rothko, and featuring an array of talented guest musicians.

Totnes, United Kingdom

Release Date: 2023-03-10
Check out EPOCHA here: https://abrasivetrees.bandcamp.com/album/epocha

Post-punk/post-rock crossover band Abrasive Trees have announced the release of their new compilation album EPOCHA, which features nine tracks written and recorded by Matthew Rochford between 2019 and 2021. The CD-only release also includes contributions from several talented musicians, such as Peter Yates, Jo Beth Young, Steven Hill, and Laurence Collyer. The album was mixed by Rothko’s Mark Beazley, who also played bass on some tracks.

Abrasive Trees - EPOCHA Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

The music of Abrasive Trees is experimental and atmospheric, blending elements of post-punk, post-rock, and post-folk to create a sound that is both otherworldly and powerful. Their live performances are known for being captivating and passionate, and the band has been praised by numerous publications, including Louder Than War and Post-Punk.com.

EPOCHA marks a particular phase of creativity for Rochford, who created much of the music in isolation before enlisting the help of Beazley and the other guest musicians. The album reflects themes of loss, turmoil, and spiritual realization, and the music features distorted and reverb-drenched guitars, cello textures, intricate melodies, and driving drum beats. EPOCHA is a celebration of Rochford’s creative journey and a testament to the power of collaboration in music.