Prairie Sound: Alt-Rock Visionaries from the Canadian Rockies Unveil Captivating Debut Single “Sober Morning”

Immerse Yourself in Prairie Sound’s Modern Fusion of Genres and Heartfelt Storytelling – A Musical Journey of Reflection and Resilience

Check out the single here: https://prairiesound.bandcamp.com/track/sober-morning?from=embed

Hailing from the breathtaking landscapes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Prairie Sound emerges as a force to be reckoned with in the Alt-Rock scene of Edmonton, Alberta. Inspired by a life-changing encounter in Banff National Park, bassist Justin Hamilton’s musical vision comes to life with the talents of singer-songwriters Ryan Locke and Brock Davidiuk. Drawing from a diverse array of influences, including pop punk, 90’s alternative, country western, and traditional roots music, Prairie Sound presents a fresh and modern sound that resonates in their compelling debut single, “Sober Morning.”

Prairie Sound is much more than a band; it symbolizes the universal connection we all share. Their music embraces themes of honesty, love, creativity, shared experiences, heartbreak, loss, redemption, and the journey back home.

The debut single, “Sober Morning,” delves into the depths of the human experience, exploring the daily struggle with temptation and yearning. With heartfelt lyrics, intricate harmonies, and a dynamic fusion of acoustic guitar, bass, and mandolin, the song invites listeners on an emotional journey of self-reflection, resilience, and hope. A powerful anthem that touches hearts across all walks of life.

What sets Prairie Sound apart is their seamless blending of different genres, while preserving an authentic sound. Their dedication to storytelling and crafting music that deeply connects with listeners shines through in every note.

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