RAMEY Releases Emotional Single “Home With You” from Upcoming EP

RAMEY Continues His Journey of Self-Discovery in Shadows: B-Side, Featuring Collaborations with Established Artists and a Unique Twist on Familiar Sounds.

Check the single here

RAMEY, a Portland-based artist, has recently released a new single titled “Home With You” from his upcoming EP, Shadows: B-Side. The song was recorded in Portland, Denver, and Nashville and features Paul Ramey on electric and acoustic guitar, Cary Samsel on electric guitar and bass, Ben Wysocki on drums, Andrew Capra on piano and keys, and Kelsey Samsel on BGV.

The upcoming EP continues the themes explored in Shadows: A-Side, as RAMEY grapples with the deconstruction of his beliefs and values following a traumatic period in his life. The band members are established artists in their own right, with each bringing their unique experiences and perspectives to the project.

David Greco produced the album, while Cary Samsel mixed it and David Gavrishov mastered it. The songs on the EP have a familiar sound that echoes the styles of Elliot Smith, Jose Gonzales, and Wilco, but with their own unique twist.

“Home With You,” the single from the EP, uses the metaphor of a relationship to express the difficulty of letting go of what was once a stable foundation in RAMEY’s life. It speaks to the longing to return to what is familiar and comfortable, which will likely resonate with listeners who have gone through similar struggles.

Overall, Shadows: B-Side promises to be a powerful and emotional project as RAMEY continues his journey of self-discovery and healing through music. Fans of his previous work can expect to be impressed, while newcomers are likely to be drawn in by the artist’s raw honesty and vulnerability in his music.