The Pearce Collective - Circles Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Ready to Travel? The Pearce Collective’s New Release Will Carry You Away

Experience Love, Loss and Life with Their Unique Sound and Captivating Writing

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Release Date: 2023-02-03
Check out Circles here: https://ditto.fm/circles-the-pearce-collective

A beautiful song about the struggle to take a chance and fall in love, “Circles” from the debut EP of the Melbourne-based sibling group The Pearce Collective was just published. The song is a tribute to the struggle between the heart and mind, as well as the fear and vulnerability that come with opening oneself to love.

The Pearce Collective - Circles Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Since they began making music more than 20 years ago, The Pearce Collective has used their diverse range of life experiences to infuse their lyrics and melodies with both joyful and depressing recollections. Their debut album, “Moonglow,” was praised for being a masterclass in composition and garnered positive reviews.

The song “Circles” was written, produced, and recorded at Red Moon Studios with the multi-award-winning producer and composer Jan Skubiszewski. The song’s lively tempo and appealing melody conceal its underlying emotional depth. The chorus serves as a potent reminder of the strength and power of love while the song’s lyrics examine the conflict between playing it safe and taking a risk to open up to love.

The Pearce Collective has been shortlisted multiple times in the Top 10 of the ASA awards, and their combined talents, experience, and synergy have created a magical, memorable sound that draws listeners into each compelling story. “Circles” is a testament to the duo’s commitment to creating powerful, real, and raw stories that connect to the heart.

Listeners are appreciating The Pearce Collective’s calm, chilled, sophisticated songcraft, and “Circles” is sure to win over even more fans with its beautiful storytelling and catchy melody.